Mission & Goals

UGCEPD promotes public and private efforts to achieve equal employment opportunities for all qualified Utahans with disabilities.


Core Beliefs

Increased employment for people with disabilities will be successful when:

  • Every individual has access to employment based on their skills, abilities, and informed choice.
  • Every individual has the opportunity for training and education to prepare for the workforce.
  • Every individual takes responsibility to attain and maintain employment.
  • Employers take a proactive role to recruit, hire, and retain people with disabilities.
  • Innovative approaches and partnerships are continually developed to increase employment opportunities.



The Governor's Committee has been working with employers and other agencies to provide enhanced options for job-seekers with disabilities.


Employment opportunities are posted through The People with Disabilities Network, or PWDNET, of the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation and the Department of Workforce Services.


This link provides an advantage to you as a job seeker with a disability in that the employers themselves are voluntarily marking the postings with specific "tags" notating a disability friendly work environment. This means that they are more likely to be aware of the benefits of hiring you, and accommodations and supports that may be available.

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